[dm-crypt] static libraries

.. ink .. mhogomchungu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 13:12:35 CET 2013

> What are you trying to do here?
> I am trying to see if i can build statically against libcryptsetup. I
doubt the distribution i am using will switch to cryptsetup 1.6 anytime
soon and some users will want truecrypt support. Some sort of a private
version of cryptsetup will be a solution.

the "libcryptsetup.a" library wasnt being produced here and i though the
problem was on your end.It looks like it was on this end and the problem is
now gone.Not sure what the problem was but i suspect it has to do gcrypt
dev package of the distribution not shipping with static libraries.Building
gcrypt from sources with static option seem to have solved the problem.
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