[dm-crypt] static libraries

Milan Broz gmazyland at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 18:56:53 CET 2013

On 01/05/2013 01:12 PM, .. ink .. wrote:
> What are you trying to do here?
> I am trying to see if i can build statically against libcryptsetup. I
> doubt the distribution i am using will switch to cryptsetup 1.6
> anytime soon and some users will want truecrypt support. Some sort of
> a private version of cryptsetup will be a solution.

Well, you can link statically that but I think it is not the best option.

First, I would like to see more recent updates in distros as well
(at least in Gentoo and Debian which I am using :)

But anyway, I think you should perhaps rebuild cryptsetup yourself
as private built package update and provide some private repository
on top of your distro.

Building things statically is very problematic. In reality it
can work on some hardened systems (but overhead costs for maintaining
is huge) but not for generic distro.
> the "libcryptsetup.a" library wasnt being produced here and i though
> the problem was on your end.

Well, the problem is that I have problem to decipher your bug reports ;-)

I know you are using library extensively, so I am more grumpy here
when I see report of some problem and I see it is just end
of the chain while the mail is missing original context and info.

Anyway, in general - I read all bug reports and trying to fix them ASAP,
but I need to know some basic information

- what is the original problem like "static libcryptsetup is not built"
- pkg version you are using (and if you know version which works, even better)
- exact error you get (there must be some error while building or configuring library)
- if it is failure of come CLI command, output with --debug
(There is a template when using new issue on project page which should
ask for similar info.)

In this case perhaps configure script is not properly detecting
some missing static libraries.

> It looks like it was on this end and the problem is now gone.

Really? I found there was a problem with missing pkg-config macro in
autoconf, but not sure that caused your problem.

> Not sure what the problem was but i suspect it
> has to do gcrypt dev package of the distribution not shipping with
> static libraries.Building gcrypt from sources with static option seem
> to have solved the problem.

Building static version is generally problem today. It is usually security
disaster in the end (while you are updating some library, you have to also
rebuild all statically linked binaries.)
So many distros do not allow static builds at all today.

I am trying to support static build but it depends on many other static
libraries present in system and autoconf script has several hacks here
(recently libpwquality had wrong pkgconfig spec for static).
Usually maintainers fixes the problem quickly but it takes time until
this is propagated to distros...

IOW building statically is always a challenge. Sometimes even impossible.

Anyway, if you find some situation when configure script doesn't detect
some missing library, let me know (with proper info mentioned above).


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