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Sat Jan 5 23:15:26 CET 2013

> Anyway, if you find some situation when configure script doesn't detect
> some missing library, let me know (with proper info mentioned above).
i am using version 0.27.1 of pkg-config


Above is a pastebin of a build problem i encountered when trying to build

The development package of libgrypt does not ship with libgcrypt.a in the
distribution i am using and this necessitated me to build another version
of libgrcypt to have a static library and i installed it in "/home/local"
because thats where i install personal packages.

As you can see from the link,the build see my personal libraries( in
/home/local) as well as those in "/usr".I think it shouldnt see those in
/usr.It should see and use one or the other and not both.

The first time around,the build fail at line number 242,that happened
because i removed "/usr/lib/libgcrypt.a".

Adding the library back and the build failed again at line 281.

I solved the problem by overwriting the gcrypt libraries in /usr/ with my
local build but this is not good. I try not to overwrite packages managed
by my distribution but it look like i did not have a choice here.

Also,in line 173,the check will fail if "libgpg-error.a" is missing.This
may be important because a link btw gcrypt and gpg-error may not be obvious.

line 176 maybe a potential problem too.
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