[dm-crypt] Memory errors and and 3TB RAID5 partition

Ralf Ramsauer ralf at ramses-pyramidenbau.de
Wed Jan 16 12:24:47 CET 2013


i have a 4x3TiB Raid 6(because it's expandable) setup using a md-raid +
dm-crypt + LVM.
Up to now, i never had any problems with it.

A friend just told me, that SATA has an error rate of about 1 Bit each
3TiB of transmission,
so a bit is written written or read wrong(but i don't know if this is
Worst case, one error bit leads to a corrupt raid sector(Raid 5 is able
to detect the corrupt
sector, but Raid 5 won't be able to correct it, correct me if i'm
wrong). This corrupt sector
could lead to a corrupt dm-crypt sector, which leads to an corrupt LVM
sector, and so on.
Finially, your filesystem could get broken.

So think about using large partition with encryption.

I never had trouble with my setup, but now I would set it up in some
other way.

Here's a nice article about it:

On 01/16/13 12:08, Federico Foschini wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm reading the FAQ on cryptsetup wiki because I'm plannig to set up a
> software raid 5 (mdadm) with 3 1,5TB disks and I'm a bit scared about
> memory errors.  I read that a single flipped bit can lead in a massive
> file corruption and I've got 2GB of non ECC ram on my machine... what
> is the risk of encounter a memory error writing big files (like 8-10
> GiB)?
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> Federico Foschini.
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