[dm-crypt] cryptsetup alternate storage backend

Benoît Canet benoit.canet at irqsave.net
Wed Jul 24 17:09:10 CEST 2013


I am a QEMU block developper.

Since this thread : "https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2013-07/msg03902.html"
I am wondering if QEMU could reuse libcryptsetup implementation of LUKS to
improve QCOW2's cryptography.

QEMU have it's own block layer and APIs so how hard would it be to make
libcryptsetup read and write the luks headers and slots into some buffers or how
hard would it be to write an abstration to access the QEMU block layer ?

(I did not find an obvious answer to these questions by having a glance at the

Best regards


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