[dm-crypt] SSD disks and cryptsetup-reencrypt

octane indice octane at alinto.com
Wed Jun 12 16:44:16 CEST 2013


I read the FAQ, the point 5.19, especially:
However, for LUKS, the worst case is that key-slots and LUKS header may end up in these 
internal pools. This means that password management functionality is compromised (the old 
passwords may still be around, potentially for a very long time) and that fast erase by 
overwriting the header and key-slot area is insecure. 

Now, we have a cryptsetup-reencrypt tool that could change the master-key.
So, we could use it after changing a password for a slot.

But, dm-crypt use 512bytes for block operations, so the problem remains the same?
An attacker with the knowledge of the master-key could read old sectors un-erased and 
decipher data?


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