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back your questions here

> So, I want to ask all of you some questions:
> - What IDE do you develop cryptsetup on?

I am not one of cryptsetup developers,but i am interested to know too.In my
code that interfaces with cryptsetup library,i do not use one as kwrite(
KDE text editor ) seem to be suffient for me.C code doesnt carry massive
objects with 1000+ member functions and properties and hence a fully
fledged IDE is not really necessary.

> - How do I debug cryptsetup?

If you use the executable,call it with "--debug" option to get more output
If you use the library,library info can be found in this link:

The full library API is at:

> - How do I modify Makefile, Do I need understand all content in makefiles,
> configure file?
> You should not need to.If you want to go the library API way,just download
cryptsetup development package from your distro package system and the only
look at "libcryptsetup.h" header file as the interface to cryptsetup to
work with.

It is also probably a good idea to look at the FAQ at:
It has answers even to questions you would never though to ask even if your
life depended on you asking them :-)
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