[dm-crypt] hardware encryption

Michael Stapelberg michael+dmcrypt at stapelberg.de
Thu Mar 14 13:16:25 CET 2013

Hi Richard,

lxnf98mm at gmail.com writes:
> This is probably not the place to ask but how about a Marvell 88F6281
> www.marvell.com/embedded-processors/kirkwood/assets/HW_88F6281_OpenSource.pdf
> I tried openssl speed test and it out performs a 3.4Ghz Intel Right
> now running dm-crypt on the Marvell uses about 50% cpu
I am using that SoC in my qnap TS-119P II. Can you please provide the
precise results you have? In my tests, the machine really did not
outperform my Intel box :).

Best regards,

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