[dm-crypt] does luksDump guarantee header integrity?

hank hank at ml1.net
Sat Mar 23 06:38:10 CET 2013


I accidentally "formatted" an encrypted partition with mkfs.nilfs2
(incl. -K option). Luckily mkfs.nilfs2 normally only overwrites data
after 1024 bytes from the start of the block device, so the LUKS header
should have remained intact.

luksDump does confirm that or at least it outputs something that looks
sane. However my passphrase is not accepted by luksOpen anymore ("no
matching key ..."). Now is the header corrupted or not? Can a header
somehow be partially corrupted so that it dumps fine but the keyslot has
a couple of bits flipped (even though I am not sure why mkfs.nilfs2
would cause some partial corruption like that).



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