[dm-crypt] cryptsetup with native PKCS#11 support

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Mon May 20 10:16:01 CEST 2013

> What is more user friendly Google Code or GitHub?
code.google.com look more professional,serious and cleaner to me.To add to
its sense of seriousness,you get a dedicated download page where you have
more visible and official releases.

on the downside,it lacks "social integration",it seem to be designed with
only one project in mind and the project lives independent of everything

github on the other hand,it seem hacky to me and a place where you throw
some random bits though people do serious work there.You can have one
account with multiple subprojects,you can have your repos and people can
collaborate with you from their repositories,you get to see who contributes
what,where,how much,you know, the whole social thing.If you are into that
kind of thing then github will be a place to be.If you plan to have
multiple subprojects,related or otherwise then github is a place to be too.

Which one you will like may come down to personal preference.I have project
in both and i use them equally.

Those in authority will give you an authoritative answer so take what i am
about to say as merely toothless speculations.I think the answer you will
get to your request to patch cryptsetup to add functionality you seek is
"NO" and the reason given will be that the kind functionality you are
seeking lives above cryptsetup and the best way to go about it is to get
the key somehow independent of cryptsetup and then just pass it to
cryptsetup.for it to unlock the volume.
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