[dm-crypt] Virtual Keyboard For Boot

octane indice octane at alinto.com
Sat May 25 22:09:44 CEST 2013

En réponse à Jonathan Brown <jonbrownmasterit at gmail.com> :
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> 1) I just found this program and it looks more promising than
> truecrypt.
> Since an easy way to bypass this would be a physical keylogger
> and/or
> recording the audio of they keyboard typing. Is there any
> virtual keyboards
> that can be used with this for full disk encryption?
If I can add an hardware keylogger, it means I have physical
access. If I have physical access, I would replace the
initrd and/or kernel to put an evil one. An evil one which
could record the key somewhere, or add a known key in
another slot.

An old message said that if you are afraid of physical keylogger
you can use a kind of mac book air which is so thin that any 
hardware keylogger won't fit.

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