[dm-crypt] Forgot dm-crypt password; suggestions on steps to undertake

John Thoe johnthoe at outlook.com
Sat Nov 9 22:48:25 CET 2013


I forgot the passphrase of my laptop which was encrypted using dm-crypt (without LUKS). I use Debian so just used the default settings that were suggested.

I understand that passwords cannot be recovered but please hear me out. In my case, I am sure that I am forgetting the last four digits I set because the rest of the password is clear in my memory.

A couple of questions I could really use help with:

1. Is it possible to brute force the disk since even though my password is fairly long, I am sure about all of it except the last 4-6 digits.

2. If (1) is not possible, is there any way I can make it easy to type in passwords? Right now, initramfs does not show me the password I am typing. Is there anyway I can have feedback from it so that I know that I am at least typing in stuff correctly? Or even better, is there any way I load a text file with a list of the probable passwords?

Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.


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