[dm-crypt] System hang during mkfs

Tim tim-debian at sentinelchicken.org
Fri Nov 15 00:07:12 CET 2013

> Well, the kernel Debian stable kernel, so it should be handled
> really handled by the Debian distro bugzilla.
> (Otherwise, please try more recent, ideally 3.12 stable kernel.
> Using loop devices is quite common and I do not think there are recent
> problems here.)

That's why I submitted it there.  But every single party that is
involved in kernel development or support likes to point the finger at
someone else without bothering to attempt reproducing.  That's been my
past experience, which is why I'm trying multiple avenues for support
> Also try use loop directly. Does mkfs works ok? What is the underlying
> filesystem and mount parameters (on which image resides)?

Just tried a plain loopback device.  It is a tad slower than doing
mkfs directly on the file, but nothing close to the issues with the
luks loopback.

> If it "locks" paste kernel trace to bugzilla (through sysrq,
> "echo t > /proc/sysrq-trigger" and see syslog.)
> (It seems to me more like problem with loop device or combination
> than with dmcrypt. Anyway, if you are able to reproduce it on upstream
> kernel, add device mapper devel list to cc  - dm-devel at redhat.com)

Yeah, that's where 99% of bug reporters stop...


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