[dm-crypt] cryptsetup, tcrypt-system and multiple partitions

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> Hello,
> thanks for the great work on tcrypt support in cryptsetup!
> I do have one issue tho and I hope I'm doing something wrong.
> Here's my setup. I've got one drive , sda, with usual LUKS setup
> and another drive , sdb, which is truecrypt encrypted (windows
> installation).
> The second drive has three partitions , sdb1,sdb2 and sdb3.
> Now, I wanted to use cryptsetup via systemd to automagically mount the
> second drive partitions.
> But, manpages and the code suggest that if a partition is system-encrypted
> with truecrypt, one should use the whole device in crypttab and not the
> partition (so /dev/sdb and not /dev/sdb1 for example).
> If set that way , and the mapped device is listed in fstab accordingly, it
> works fine, but only for the first partition, /dev/sdb1 that is. How am I
> supposed to mount the other three partitions ?
> How would I specify it in crypttab and fstab?
> Thanks in advance!

I think you can use partitions on truecrypt-system with cryptsetup 1.6.2
going up.
If you are trying to use cryptsetup through systemd,then the best place to
ask your question will be with systemd people.
Try to use cryptsetup directly to have an idea of how it works first before
trying to use it through systemd.

You will have a better chance of getting support if you are using
cryptsetup directly.
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