[dm-crypt] open ext-2/3/4 luks container, ext2fsd + FreeOTFE in Windows

shmick at riseup.net shmick at riseup.net
Tue Nov 26 13:06:23 CET 2013

does anybody have some working field notes they can pass on to get this
working ?

when i attempt to open the luks container, FreeOTFE can't do it

in windows device manager the disk reports it must be initialised which
will obviously destroy the luks header info

i may have better luck with a FAT/NTFS fs but i'd prefer to keep it
native to linux and just use read only in Windows

my method was to simply first create the luks container, format it to
ext4 and attempt to open in Windows with FreeOTFE

could it be a permissions issue ?
i thought not Re device manager results

a long time ago i tried this with an ext4 partition and remember
FreeOTFE mounted it ok, but Ext2fsd reported UUID=1000 pop up error and
could not mount it

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