[dm-crypt] GEOM_ELI support in dm-crypt/cryptsetup

f000m at z1p.biz f000m at z1p.biz
Sat Nov 30 16:25:52 CET 2013


I am planing to make dm-crypt and cryptsetup able to
handle FreeBSD's GEOM_ELI crypted devices (without its
integrity stuff).

In the kernel modul there would be minor changes
concerning two more IV generators needed to add:
First, because of a slightly different handling of plain type
(it uses offsets instead of sectors).
Second, GEOM_ELI uses CBC with unpredictable IV instead of

Additionally cryptsetup must be patched to be able
to deal with the metadata structure of GEOM_ELI devices.

Would there be any interests in committing me this code
to the upstream?

Kind regards.

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