[dm-crypt] Encrypted Btrfs RAID1

ax487 ax487 at gmx.de
Wed Sep 11 20:13:12 CEST 2013

Hello all,

I have been using LUKS for quite some time now to encrypt block devices.
Up to now I have always used the setup RAID1 -> Encryption -> LVM2 ->
Now however I want to create an encrypted Btrfs RAID1. The problem is
that a RAID based on Btrfs is not based on block devices. What I would
need is to encrypt two different partitions and then use their decrypted
counterparts as basis for the RAID. The problem is that I really don't
want to add my pass phrase multiple times and I don't like key files. I
realize that the 'reuse key' problem is a long standing issue:


However I did not find a solution anywhere.
Could you tell me how to setup my system to make things work the way I
intend to?


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