[dm-crypt] Plain hashing algorithm

John Lane dm-crypt at jelmail.com
Tue Dec 9 15:33:45 CET 2014

Just trying to satisfy my curiosity... hope that's ok...

When I do plain mode I can specify a hash or accept the default, ripemd160.

That isn't the full story, however, as the hash (160 bits) is stretched
to the key size (256 bits).

I've checked the source and can see the algorithm in the code

I don't fully understand it but just wondered if that's some standard
alg similar PBKDF2 (which it isn't) or something specifc to cryptsetup?

I'm also curious about the "hack from hashalot". By googling that phrase
I find it's been copied into a number of other things.

Like I said, just curious.


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