[dm-crypt] Impossible task ?

Quentin Lefebvre qlefebvre_pro at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 23:26:11 CET 2014

There are some "order preserving encryption" (OPE) schemes, but they are 
less secure.
And indeed, it's not cryptsetup-related.

I guess you should find something about that on Internet.

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Le 16/12/2014 16:58, Arno Wagner a écrit :
> Hi,
> not really a topic for this list, but I will answer anyways.
> No, you cannot do this. Proof idea: If you can do lookup,
> you can break the encryption by checking whether a person is
> in there via the lookup functionality.
> Sure, if you only allow proper partial names, the attacker
> does not get the last character of the name, but that does
> not help much. There are not enough names in the world to
> make this attack too costly, and the attacker can do it
> character-by-character by using longer and longer partial
> names.
> The thing is that the possibility of lookup directly
> implies the data is _not_ protected against reading it.
> Gr"usse,
> Arno
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 13:22:17 CET, bill wrote:
>> I have conflicting needs and fear that they may be unresolvable.
>> I. I need to store patient names (3 fields: last, first, middle
>> initial) with the first and last names encrypted.
>> 2. I need to be able to do partial name lookups if the user enters a
>> partial first or last name.
>> I presume that after encryption the names are no longer in
>> alphabetical order, so looking up using an encrypted partial name
>> will not result in a set of names beginning with that partial name.
>> Is there an approach to this, or need I go back to my boss and
>> suggest "plan B."
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