[dm-crypt] Asustor NAS and cryptsetup 1.6.1

msalists at gmx.net msalists at gmx.net
Tue Dec 30 03:32:58 CET 2014

On 2014-12-29 11:29, Quentin Lefebvre wrote:
> On 29/12/2014 20:06, msalists at gmx.net wrote :
>> Assuming I did create the container with aes-cbc-essiv:sha256; would
>> cryptsetup automatically figure out the correct parameters when it is
>> subsequently called without those parameters to mount the container?
>> Or do non-default parameters at creation time require the same
>> non-default parameters again for subsequent mounts?
> As you may have understood, in plain mode, there is no header, so no 
> way for cryptsetup to guess the algorithm used. Thus, if it is a 
> non-default one, it must be specified also at mount time.

Hm, makes sense. Is there some kind of a config file that I could 
specify the parameters in, and that would be read prior to using the 
defaults - similar to how some parameters for mount can be specified in 
/etc/fstab ?

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