[dm-crypt] Boot Prompt Text

Sven Eschenberg sven at whgl.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Feb 17 16:40:01 CET 2014

You can use -d to pass in file data, which naturally bypasses the prompt,
it should easily work with a fifo too, IIC.

       --key-file, -d name
              Read the passphrase from file.

              If the name given is "-", then the passphrase will be read
from stdin.  In this case, reading will not stop at newline

              With LUKS, passphrases supplied via --key-file are always
the existing passphrases requested by a command, except in
the case of luksFormat where --key-file is equivalent to 
              positional key file argument.

              If you want to set a new passphrase via key file, you have
to use a positional argument to luksAddKey.

              See section NOTES ON PASSPHRASE PROCESSING for more

And please read the passphrase processing part for a complete understanding!


On Mon, February 17, 2014 16:28, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Am 17.02.2014 16:18, schrieb Sven Eschenberg:
>> As you might have realized, cryptsetup provides ways to not show its own
>> prompt
> What's the option for that? I can't find it in the manpage.
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