[dm-crypt] Re-align Payload for Existing dm-crypt/luks Container

Baxter Kylie baxter.kylie at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 19:54:44 CET 2014


I just inherited a large array of disks (hw raid + luks + lvm) and was
noticing some suboptimal performance. From what I can tell, it appears the
original admin must have added some spindles to the array since luks is no
longer properly aligned to the raid stripe. It's our largest array so,
while a few hours of downtime are understandable, the weeks it would take
to restore from tape would be impossible.

Is there a way to safely update the payload offset for an existing
container without effectively destroying the container with a luksFormat? I
considered backing up the headers, luksFormat'ing with a new payload
alignment, and restoring the headers but I think that the payload offset is
stored in the headers so a restoration wouldn't do me much good. Is there
any other way to adjust this?

Warm regards,
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