[dm-crypt] Closing LUKS lvm partition times out on shutdown

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jan 14 16:00:45 CET 2014

Am 14.01.2014 15:51, schrieb Konrad:
> There are two LUKS containers - one SSD (lvm: root btrfs+swap
> patrtition) and one HDD (lvm: three btrfs data partitions).
> When I shutdown, system stalls for a good minute because it can't
> unmount or close LUKS containers or both.
> Here is what I can see:
> http://postimg.org/image/tmojo19zx/
> http://postimg.org/image/ty600sqfx/

This is a distribution or systemd problem, rather than a problem with

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