[dm-crypt] Re2: nuke password to delete luks header

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Wed Jan 15 14:38:21 CET 2014

> At least in theory it should be possible to have several hidden volumes.
> Or have stacked hidden volumes.
> (Due to lack of knowledge i don't actually know if Truecrypt (by itself)
> actually supports such a thing.)
> TrueCrypt can manage only one hidden volume.

It is possible to have multiple hidden volumes with plain volume by just
creating an encryption mapper from appropriate sector offset.Management of
one volume to make sure data in subsequent ones do not get overwritten will
be the responsibility of person who manages the volume.

It should be possible to hide the rest of them after the first one if all
of them were created on a drive first blank out by strong random data.I
suspect Arno Wagner will advise against it and advise to first blank out
the drive with zeros first and then create a LUKS volume and give the
password when asked so that the authorities will be able to easily tell
what sectors where in use to remove any doubts of hidden volume usage.

cryptsetup has an option to specify a sector offset of where a plain volume
should start and i have exposed this ability in my zuluCrypt project.The
project will not create these volumes but open them.

The GUI window to give an offset is brought up when a user clicks "ctrl+f"
and the GUI window looks like this[1]
More on the project is at: http://code.google.com/p/zulucrypt/

[1] http://tinypic.com/r/ipcq40/5
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