[dm-crypt] cryptsetup-reencode: LUKS-${UUID}.new is too small

PePa peter at passchier.net
Thu Mar 13 08:43:03 CET 2014

Milan Broz <gmazyland at ...> writes:
> Yes, with --reduce-device-size it reencrypts "backwards" with optional
> data shift.

> I described some crazy reencrypt operations here
> http://asalor.blogspot.cz/2012/08/re-encryption-of-luks-device-cryptsetup.html

Thanks for pointing to your post (which I had already read). Since the
extents at the end of the PV are unused, I'm going to assume all will be
well (out of device space is unused) and fix the PV after the
reduce-device-size with a pvresize.

I'll report back..!

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