[dm-crypt] cryptsetup-reencode:LUKS-${UUID}.new is too small

PePa peter at passchier.net
Tue Mar 18 23:43:52 CET 2014

PePa <peter at ...> writes:
> I'll report back..!

So, I proceeded with:
cryptsetup-reencrypt -c aes-xts-plain64 -s 512 -h sha512
--reduce-device-size 4MiB /dev/sda4

The main problem was, at 99.4%, it stopped reencrypting due to I/O-errors... 

[The main way to catch this would be to do: badblocks -n /dev/sda4]

On Milan's advice I tried resuming:
cryptsetup-reencrypt --debug /dev/sda4
[Resuming is possible when the three .log .new .org files are still in the
running directory.]

It kept encountering I/O-errors. I used ddrescue to make a full copy, and
resumed on the copy, which finished fine, and all the file systems on the
LVM volumes were intact. I ended up copying this back to the original disk,
but I did a badblocks -n on it first, and it reported 5 errors.
This also opened fine with luksOpen, I fschecked the lvm volumes and they
were OK. I should probably do another badblocks -n to see if the write made
the drive firmware to deal with the badblocks.

Main take-aways:
- Check with "badblocks -n" before starting
- It would be great if after an I/O-error the bad block could be singled out
so that it can be read with ddrescue, and copied back.


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