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On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 9:58 PM, Franz <169101 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Wow it works!! I cannot believe it was that easy. Also I was able to
> create a container called only test, without the .img extension to hidden
> the file among other files. Many thanks INK you are great!
You should know that LUKS header volume is partially open and hence its
readily obvious the volume is a LUKS volume
and hence you arent hiding that much if anything. If you want to use LUKS
while hiding the header, create the
volume with a detached header,info on how to do so is here:

Alternative to have a completely hidden volume while not using a detached
header is to create a plain dm-crypt volume using cryptsetup.


And to make a 200 MB container?
That will be
dd if=/dev/urandom of=volume bs=1024 count=200000

The formula is simple,volume size = block size(bs) * count

Just start with bs =1024 and read for yourself "one kilo byte".
Then have "count=2" and then read for yourself "two kilo bytes" because now
you will have bs=1024 count=2
and both amounts to 2048(two kilobytes)

>From the above just start adding "zeros" to count while saying:

"twenty kilobytes"
"two hunded kilobytes"
"two megabytes"
"twenty megabytes"
"two hundred megabytes"

and stop when you have reached the desired size,get the idea? This is the
thinking i usually use when creating image files using "dd" command.

Well many thanks indeed INK good night

You are welcome. If i can introduce myself to you, i am the developer of
zuluCrypt. I started the project because i did not want
to use TrueCrypt simply because it didnt feel like a linux native solution
and using cryptsetup from the terminal got really annoying really fast.I
should also say i am not a cryptsetup developer, i just hang out here to
keep track of a project i depend on.

With crypsetup,you can manage 3 different volumes, TrueCrypt volumes,LUKS
volumes and PLAIN volumes.Each has a pro and associated cons. I wrote a
"simple" comparison btw them in an article about zuluCrypt in the may issue
of pclinuxos magazine,you can read the online version of the article here:
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