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Mon May 19 16:00:03 CEST 2014

Hi grrdl,

If you are interested in having multiple operating systems that share the *same* /boot partition, that should be do-able with some hackery to the boot scripts -- to try the provided password on a number of encrypted candidate root partitions.  If you have multiple system instances that share kernel and boot command line parameters, then the only difference would be which particular one gets loaded up (decrypted) when you put in a password.  You may have to do something horrid like give all of them the same label :).  You could partition the disk into (say) 4 parts, and use fewer than all the parts for some kind of deniability.

As I read the start-up scripts for ubuntu the password entered on boot is used only for a single device, and not attempted on all available luks devices until a bootable system appears.  


On Sun, 18 May 2014 01:22:35 -0700
BM-2cXweg5fL3NmCN6HDmMuL5VbmDXbeRaSCM at bitmessage.ch wrote:

> Hi evereyone,
> Is anything like that
> http://www.truecrypt.org/docs/hidden-operating-system possibile with
> linux and cryptsetup? I would even use TrueCrypt to do such thing,
> but even with it it is only supported on Windows.
> Actually i prefer do to that with passphrases only, since usb with
> luks header, bootloader or keyfile are something that i can lost and
> also can compromise the plausible deniability. I hope everyone
> understands and thanks in advance.
> grrdl
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