[dm-crypt] clarify luksHeaderBackup

kqt4at5v at gmail.com kqt4at5v at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 19:56:42 CET 2014

I have 2 partitions mirrored, with Luks on top
md4 : active raid1 sdb4[0] sda4[1]
       1932713920 blocks [2/2] [UU]

I run
cryptsetup  luksHeaderBackup /dev/md4 --header-backup-file nsa320_dm_crypt_header_md4_20141120
and get
-r-------- 1 root root 2097152 Nov 20 11:16 nsa320_dm_crypt_header_md4_20141120
which is twice the size of the header backup of a single drive
Am I doing this wrong?


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