[dm-crypt] Kernel panic, cannot mount root fs on unknown block (hd0, 0)

Heiko Rosemann heiko.rosemann at web.de
Mon Sep 22 07:41:39 CEST 2014

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On 09/22/2014 12:50 AM, vaskez at airmail.cc wrote:
> Several times I have set up virtual machines to test the cryptsetup
>  software. I can create and remove the encrypted volumes just fine
> and mount them, however whenever I am finished setting up my system
> and reboot, my kernel panics, ends, then says that it cannot mount
> root fs on unknown block (hd0,0). I am sure that it is not a
> misconfiguration with the kernel, as I have built kernels for
> unencrypted systems and they have booted fine. Some information:

You will need to setup an initramfs or modify the one provided with
the gentoo install to open your encrypted volumes (at least the root
volume). I do not remember how it is "supposed to be done" in gentoo,
but I do remember it's not as simple as installing software in the
right order.

A good starting point would be
http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/DM-Crypt_LUKS#Generating_an_initramfs -
and as this is really distro specific (or maybe systemd takes care of
it - I don't know, I won't be trying) it is really beyond the topic of
this list.

Good luck with your setup,
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