[dm-crypt] System comes up very slowly

Ross Boylan ross at biostat.ucsf.edu
Sat Sep 27 06:01:19 CEST 2014

When my computer reboots it shows the grub menu and some initial messages
from the kernel loading and then waits a very long time (minutes) before
asking for the pass-phrase for the main partition.

I speculate the delay is to gather randomness for the 2 random-encrypted
swap partitions.  However, hitting keys doesn't seem to speed it up.

Is this speculation reasonable?

If not, what might be the cause of the delay?

If the delay is from the encrypted swap, is there anything I can do about
it short of eliminating the swap?  Is there any reason to avoid using a
fixed key for the swap?  Fixed keys sound as if they should eliminate the
need for randomness from the system.

[slightly off-topic]
Is it still the case that encrypted swap limits the ability to suspend or
hibernate and resume?

Ross Boylan

Details that might matter:
Xeon CPUs from a few years ago.
The boot and main partitions are RAID1.
The main partition is the physical volume behind an LVM volume group;
encryption is on some individual logical volumes, including the one
holding the root file system.

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