[dm-crypt] FAQ spelling grammer errors

David Backer doark at mail.com
Tue Apr 21 05:21:56 CEST 2015

I read almost the whole FAQ so this should be all of them.
About line 1500
"Second, there are two types of situations: Either they
cannot force you to give them the key (then you
simply do not) or the can."
Should be "they can", not "the can".
About line 1500
"Have not written anything to the filesystem  in a while?"
Too many spaces.
About line 1700
"Hence, LUKS has not kill option because it would do
much more harm then good."
Should be "has no", not "has not".
Also, you may want to mention that a "Nuke option"
would require that the nuking software be in place
and able to run. A real attacker would use his own
evil program to decrypt your data.
Around line 1900 question 6.6 has two *s
whereas every other question has one *.

Thanks, David

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