[dm-crypt] Data recovery recomendations needed

David Backer doark at mail.com
Tue Apr 21 05:18:34 CEST 2015

I'm going to write this in long form since I want to convey the
maximium amount of information.
  I own a laptop, Gateway NV570P09u that has a western digital hard
drive, 750 Gib. It failed. In the event that your about to critisize me
for not making backups, I did. I used a spare hard drive which I
would plug into my desktop computer and copy the info onto,
unfortunatly my desktops motherboard had failed and I was having
trouble finding a replacement as the original model was out of stock
at least on all the popular websites; as where the many simmilar models,
leaving only quite inferior models (chipset and gpu wise), availible.
  I tried to trouble shoot online and everyone thought that it was the
PCB board. I bought another one and, after failing to get it to work I
sent the computer in for warrenty (the drive had failed before it was
6 months old). I got it back and I tried soldering the board like was
suggested by those whom I bought it from. Though I have soldered
before I have never soldered that small a device before and I failed
at it. I then tried to replace it with the known good PCB board from
the replacement drive but the damaged drive did not show up.
  I investigated sending it to a company specializing in data recovery
but, when I mentioned that I was using LUKS encrypted LVM (installed using
yast from opensuse 13.1,) they said that they could only recover files.
Now, I know the pass phrase (I'm not certain if I made one of the
letters capital or not but that's trivial,) so I don't see why the
data should be unrecoverable.
  I'm looking for recomendations on what I can do. The data that was
in the LUKS LVM was not very sensitive, I used encryption because I
did not want to have to worry if I lost the computer. Most of it is
recoverable, but very hard to find as I have been and still am
persuing information on various advanced linux and computer related
subjects and information gathering (not the out dated type), is a
difficult thing when you are persuing the more arcane topics, saving
and book marking as you go along.

Thanks, David

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