[dm-crypt] Data recovery recomendations needed

Sven Eschenberg sven at whgl.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Apr 21 11:34:56 CEST 2015

Hio David,

Well, if they can not see the files, they can hardly verify the disk and
data is readable (well they only can to a limited extent).

Anyway, I remember that i.e. Kroll Ontrack DID offer quite a variety of
options back in the days. They would either send the 'repaired' drive back
but without any guarantee on how long it might be working outside their
lab or they would offer a sector by sector copy of what the disk spits
out. There's no guarantee whatsoever that sectors are not corrupted



On Tue, April 21, 2015 06:38, David Backer wrote:
> My question was, How do I get data off the broken drive
> if the data recovery people will not take it because it has
> encryption?
> Do you know of any that would?
> Even if they just copied off the raw sectors, I could use
> them to recover the data if I moved it to a new drive
> provided that the LVM info and the LUKS headers are intact
> right?
> Thanks again, David

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