[dm-crypt] question regarding Sha1 and 512 bit key xts mode

Heinz wurzelsepp1337 at web.de
Wed Aug 26 14:51:48 CEST 2015

Arno Wagner <arno at ...> writes:

> SHA1 is a "best possible" for this case. Seriously.

Okay. I always strive to understand, and i'm interested in the respective

> Not to "break" it. To reverse it in one instance.
> To break it, you have to compute that table.

Okay probably not so simple.

> > Okay respect brute-force attacks is a key space of 16^128 in fact
> > impossible, but why not exploit the maximum of what is possible? :)
> Simplicity, use of well-knonw components, prevention of 
> over-engineering. All well known and valuable engineering 
> practices. Also note that in order to change the hash,
> code has to be changed and that comes with the risk of 
> introducing bugs. "If it aint broke, don't fix it" is
> another very important engineering principle.
> Listen, I can understand your view. Every budding crypto-nerd
> goes through it, and I certainly have. But it is something 
> you eventually grow out of when you understand the larger 
> picture.
> Regards,
> Arno

No problem, i understand what you wanted to tell me, and can understand that
you should definitely consider again the overall picture.


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