[dm-crypt] truecrypt - what's the real story behind it?

Alex Elsayed eternaleye at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 13:09:04 CET 2015

Heinz Diehl wrote:

> On 08.02.2015, U.Mutlu wrote:
>> Then I wonder if the NSA/CIA/DHS etc. was involved in the decision of the
>> authors to abondon truecrypt developement, or was there maybe a mole
>> among
>> the devs?... conspiracy mode off  :-)
> Nobody knows but the Truecrypt devs. IMHO the reasons to abandon TC
> development was rather financial ones.
>> The advantage of truecrypt, as I see it, is that it is a multiplatform
>> solution; works even under the Windows cr*p
> If you use Wind*ws as your platform, you'll most likely have a lot more
> serious security problems than a simple "how reliable is TC"... ;-)

Also, while IIRC it doesn't support encrypted rootfs, there _is_ FreeOTFE 
for opening LUKS volumes on Windows.

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