[dm-crypt] Recovery of LUKS partition

Thomas Ziminski thomas.v.ziminski at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 06:18:04 CET 2015

I accidentally partitioned my hard drive through the gnome-disk-utility
with the options of "Don't overwrite existing data" and a GPT partition
table. I have found the LUKS partition with TestDisk, but unfortunately it
is only a measly 2.1MB, which is really only the header.

Using hexdump on the partition, I have confirmed that the header is still
there and fully intact.

When I use:
cryptsetup luksOpen

It returns the error:
Command failed with code 22: Requested offset is beyond real size of device

I am unsure of how to proceed and have been scouring the internet for help
but to no avail, any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated.

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