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I have an issue with LUKS. I have a new external hard drive with the
following characteristics :

Host scsi11: usb-storage
Vendor: Seagate (2TB)
Product: Expansion
Serial Number: xxx
Protocol: Transparent SCSI
Transport: Bulk

Also I have cryptsetup install on my box with version 1.4.3 and kernel
3.14.5. I can't update cryptsetup on this box as I ciphered the hard drive
with this version and I'm afraid to not be able to deciphered the hard
drive if cryptsetup version change.

Moreover, I'm using the external hard drive only with this box. This mean I
setup nad I use cryptsetup on my external hard drive only with the box

My issue is each time I open the device I got the following error :
"No key available with this passphrase."

I open it like below :
 $ cryptsetup luksOpen  /dev/sdb1 safehd

But sometimes it works so this is not a password issue. Also, I setup again
the hard drive by zeroing the whole device and I got the exact same issue.

Do you know whats going ?

Please let me know if you want further information.

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