[dm-crypt] Missing point on man page.

Dev Rana Dev at Rana.WS
Sat Oct 10 01:24:35 CEST 2015

Notice that for the --header option we have:

   This option is only relevant for LUKS devices and can be used in
   luksFormat, ...

but up on top, with the luksFormat action, --header is missing from the

   <options> can be [--cipher, --verify-passphrase, --key-size,
   --key-slot, --key-file (takes precedence over optional second
   argument), --keyfile-size, --use-random | --use-urandom, --uuid].

That was momentarily confusing.


PS. Unrelated, but do you know why my backed-up header, in cryptsetup
1.6.1, is exactly 30kB less than 2MB???

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