[dm-crypt] dmsetup or cryptsetup hangs in the initrd

Milan Broz gmazyland at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 09:06:47 CEST 2015

I guess you are missing dmsetup udev rules in initramfs
or something like that. (Hint: just add --debug to cryptsetup and it will show where is is waiting.)

You should probably use systemd to activate crypt devices in RHEL7 anyway.

On 10/19/2015 08:21 AM, Arno Wagner wrote:
>> Obviously, this has all been stripped down to make it as simple as
>> possible. Sorry for the hard coding. If you want to test it, you need to
>> provide a /dev/sdb1 partition that is at least 2G. If you comment out the
>> `exit 0' in go.sh it will setup the partition for you.

Using hardcoded sdb1 is wrong, it will overwrite other disk if you e.g. forget
USB drive plugged in. Use some hw id symlink.

>> Note that if 95dmcrypt.sh has either the dmsetup or the 2 cryptsetup lines
>> commented in, it will hang the machine.

Run dracut shell, debug it by hand. 


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