[dm-crypt] luks container created on a system won't luksOpen on another

Milan Broz gmazyland at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 16:14:39 CEST 2015

On 09/10/2015 03:47 PM, andrea rota wrote:
> hi,
> i recently created a new LUKS container via cryptsetup luksFormat on a
> workstation and migrated some data to it; when connecting the same HDD
> (eSATA) to a different box (a CuBox-i2eX) i am unable to luksOpen the
> container. i checked the dm-crypt FAQ and i must be missing something
> obvious as all the checks suggested there seem fine.


it should work

This could be the problem I guess:

> name         : __xts-aes-neonbs

So it is using NEON acceleration on ARM.

There was a bug in NEON kernel implementation, see

Could you read that thread and try workaround I mentioned there?


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