[dm-crypt] Restore LUKS partition

Oskar Jauch oskar.jauch at posteo.de
Thu Dec 15 21:36:41 CET 2016


I've accidentally overwritten the first 1.1 GB of my external hard drive
with dd. As far as I remember the drive contained two partitions from
which one was encrypted with LUKS. I'm not sure if the encrypted one was
the first or the second one...

I dumped the hole disc with ddrescue.

I was able to extract the following from my laptop:

luks-afe73a24-e4ab-4d49-90b9-119da11bc7c6: 0 5860526990 crypt
aes-xts-plain64 [key (don't want to share it in this mail)] 0 8:17 4096

Is there any possibility to restore anything of the encrypted data?

Thank you in advance!

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