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Thu Feb 18 10:34:05 CET 2016

On 18 Feb 2016 09:51 +0100, from florian.dotzer at web.de (Florian Dotzer):
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>  @Michael , Arno , Sven :<br/>
> <br/>
> Thanks for your replies and the help you are offering . Thats real support compared to experience with QNAP support ;-))<br/>
> I *can* login as root to the QNAP box - but I am not a shell guru .<br/>
> I hope I will be able to unlock my LUKS Copntainer without losing my Data .<br/>
> <br/>
> I used the graphical GUI of QNAP which offered this possibility to add a disk to an existing RAID ,<br/>
> e.g. I clicked a Button named "Add hard drive" in the RAID Management Section ,<br/>
> selected the newly added disk, and waited for the desaster to complete<br/>
> <br/>
> (german slang : mausi klickibunti ) .<br/>
> <br/>
> Somehow the command output was written to the Device and not elsewhere (/dev / null or shell )<br/>
> <br/>
> Michael wrote :<br/>
> > What was the exact device layout?<br/>
> > Physical storage then MD RAID<br/>
> Yes. I have the box not at my desk here. Sorry.<br/>
> <br/>
> > then LUKS<br/>
> At least I found a corrupted LUKSHeader there in /dev/md0<br/>
> <br/>
> > then some file system,<br/>
> I hope so , thats where my data lives .<br/>
> <br/>
> YESS Sir<br/>
> <br/>
> > or physical storage then LUKS then MD RAID<br/>
> >then some file system, or some other arrangement?<br/>
> No<br/>
> <br/>
> >What was the exact command used to "add a disk"?<br/>
> QNAP may know it , I not. I didnt find anything in dmesg / kernel log or elsewhere .<br/>
> <br/>
> From the best of my limited knowledge as I interpret the findings when I login as root in the cli ,<br/>
> I see the RAID created with mdadm as built dirctly on the disk partitions sd[d|e|f|g|h|c]3<br/>
> <br/>
> where /dev/sdc is the disk I added .<br/>
> the raid itself is up with all disks , (all disks 'U' ) , valid / valid superblock<br/>
> I can get and read data from the block device /dev/md0<br/>
> as you have seen in my last email.<br/>
>  <br/>
> <br/>
> <br/>
> @ Arno :<br/>
> <br/>
> > What did you do?<br/>
> > Did you pipe the output from mdadm into /dev/md0?<br/>
> No.<br/>
> > If so, there might be a chance to recover this.<br/>
> <br/>
> > First, make that header backup now, if you have not already.<br/>
> <br/>
> I have at least the first 64 MB of /dev/md0 extracted with dd if=/dev/md0 of=of=file_with_first_64_MB_of_md0 bs=1024 count=65535<br/>
> The hex Dump was extracted from this .<br/>
> I hope that is enough for a header backup (approx. 2MiB + xxx as stated in the FAQ) ?<br/>
> <br/>
> > The data that is missing depends on the QNAP device.<br/>
> SS839 PRO<br/>
> > Defaults can be changed on compile.<br/>
> I only have binaries , no sources , no compiler<br/>
> > Easiest option is<br/>
> > likely to make a new LUKS container on it and try what<br/>
> > is in there. You should be able to use the loop-device<br/>
> > procedure from FAQ Item 2.6 from the commandline for<br/>
> > that. If those values do not work, next option is to<br/>
> > have the QNAP create a LUKS container on a new disk<br/>
> > and see what it does.<br/>
> <br/>
> I'll try it that weekend or next when I have time to do it .<br/>
> <br/>
> <br/>
> @Sven :<br/>
> <br/>
> >btw: I agree, if just the short output of mdadm was written to the disk<br/>
> >chances are quite good for recovery.<br/>
> <br/>
> I hope so. I tried dd on files to replace the first 512 bytes of a file , but<br/>
> the target file was completely replaced with this command :<br/>
> <br/>
> dd if=512_bytes_with_fixed_header of=file_with_first_64_MB_of_md0 bs=512 count=1<br/>
> <br/>
> Now I dont know if dd's behaviour is different on block device level ,<br/>
> or is there another better way to replace / correct the first bytes of /dev/md0 ?<br/>
> <br/>
> <br/>
> Greetings , Florian<br/>
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