[dm-crypt] Header corrupted?

Sumaya Sumaya1960 at gmx.de
Mon Jan 18 12:53:13 CET 2016

Hi everybody, thank you very much for all responses! I could not follow 
up, I was very sick. Sorry! Here we go again... It would be great to 
have any suggestions! Thanks to everybody! Thanks a lot!!! Dumps: ASCII
/dev/sdb crypto_LUKS (not mounted) 45c461c2-1976-48a2-804f-b3812173b0e8 
crypto_Luks 	(not mounted)

parted -l
Fehler: /dev/sdb: unbekannte Partitionstabelle
Modell: ThinkPad Secure 1TB 3.0 (scsi)
Festplatte /dev/sdb: 1000GB
Sektorgröße (logisch/physisch): 512B/512B
Partitionstabelle: unknown
Disk Flags:


LUKS hader information for /dev/sdb 	

Version: 1 	
Cipher name: aes 	
Cipher mode: xts-plain64 	
Hash spec: sha512 	
Payload offset: 4096 	
MK bits: 512 	
MK digest: 23 93 9a 2a ed f5 d1 3c d9 2b 7e 3f fb 30 46 68 f0 5d a1 6a 	
MK salt: 8c c2 23 61 b1 73 e6 82 3f 32 a2 3e fb 89 ec fa 	
75 f8 f9 d9 0c 25 6d f0 57 e1 62 64 8e 13 51 97 	
MK iterations: 102500 	

Key Slot 0: ENABLED 	
Iterations: 409204 	
Salt: f9 7a ee a2 e5 bb 8a d0 a1 4c 4d e2 0b ac e2 86 	
37 f5 ce fe 2a 9c 65 a0 ac cc fe 35 2e 0d 11 8e 	
Key material offset: 8 	
AF stripes: 4000 	
Key Slot 1: DISABLED 	
Key Slot 2: DISABLED 	
Key Slot 3: DISABLED 	
Key Slot 4: DISABLED 	
Key Slot 5: DISABLED 	
Key Slot 6: DISABLED 	
Key Slot 7: DISABLED 	


Hi there, Please resend the dumps in ASCII as Arno suggested. Meanwhile: 
It seems the disk has no partition and starts with a LUKS-Header right 
away. While the LUKS-Header itself seems to be consistent (at first 
glance) the keyslot itself could of course be damaged. Regards -Sven Am 
14.01.2016 um 11:02 schrieb sumaya1960 at gmx.de 
<http://www.saout.de/mailman/listinfo/dm-crypt>: >//>//>/Hi everybody, 
/>//>/I am a bit lost now. I tried (why so ever) to connect my (ext4) 
/>/encrypted disk to a Windows 10 System - (what a big stupid idea - I 
know />/- very very stupid).... />//>/Now I can not access my encrypted 
disk anymore and wonder if the Header />/is damaged? My pass-phrase is 
absolute correct, but not accepted with />/luksOpen! />//>//>/luksDump 
gives />//>//>//>//>/blkid shows />//>//>//>/What happened to my 
external disk? I am running Cent OS7... />/For any help I would be so 
thankful!!! Really very very thankful!!! />/Thanks a lot! />//>/Kind 
regards, />/Sumaya />//>//>//>//>//>//>//>//>//>
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