[dm-crypt] Incidentaly partitioned LUKS device - header lost?

Bernd Brägelmann bernd at braegelmann.net
Sat Jul 2 08:33:09 CEST 2016

Hi there,

i think i destroyed my luks data.

I accidentally created a msdos partition table on the luks device. I
think the device was not partitioned. The device is a raid5 mdadm at

Now i cannot luksOpen the device anymore.

I already try to hexdump|grep for the LUKS header but until now i
haven't found it. In the Luks-FAQ 6.1 the problem is described as a
common user error and it is very common that the partitioning has
destroyed the LUKS header.

My question is: Is my data destroyed beyond recovery? It would really
help me to cope with this. Is it possible to "manually" fix a partially
destroyed LUKS header? Are there other ways to recover the data? I would
gladly pay for a recovery solution.



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