[dm-crypt] Quorum system on decryption passphrase

Fernando D. Pedemonte fernando.pedemonte at infodat.com.ar
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Thanks for your quick responses, I was thinking in a solution like this one. But I wanted to check with the experts before doing it hehe. 
Since i only need 2 of 3 quorum, I will adopt this hack 

Best Regards 

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Hi Fernando, 
There could be an ugly-ish hack to accomplish what you need. It isn't scalable to a (much) larger number of people, however. 

Let the 3 people's names be be A, B, and C (in that alphabetical order) and their respective passphrases be A*, B*, and C*. 

You could tell the three people that if 2 of the three wanted access, they would type in their passphrases *one after the other* in the person's (name) alphabetical order. You would then only need 3 passphrases: A*B*, A*C*, and B*C*. 

As I said: this is an ugly hack. 

Best Regards, 

On 30 March 2016 at 09:18, Fernando D. Pedemonte < fernando.pedemonte at infodat.com.ar > wrote: 

Dear List 

I am trying to setup an encrypted partition, and I requiere 2 people of 3 putting a pass-phrase to unlock the device. 
Is there any way that I can setup in the system to require keys in two different slots to unlock the device? 

Thanks in advance for your response 
Best Regards 

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