[dm-crypt] A couple of strings that could be reviewed

Rafael Fontenelle rffontenelle at gmail.com
Fri May 20 10:24:32 CEST 2016

Hello there!

I'm currently translating cryptsetup to Brazilian Portuguese and notice a
small detail in two strings that maybe you want to take a look at.

First is "Cannot open device %s\n", in file src/cryptsetup_reencrypt.c,
line 154.  I believe a full stop/period punctuation would be welcome in
there, since other messages nearby have it. Please take a look in the
catalog messsages file (a.k.a translation file).

Second is "Cannot use passed UUID unless decryption in progress.\n", in
file src/cryptsetup_reencrypt.c, line 1180.  My interpretation of it is
that decryption must not be in progress to be allowed passing UUID.  If I'm
correct, then I suggestion adding a "is" in "..decryption IS in progress".

Rafael Fontenelle
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