[dm-crypt] A couple of strings that could be reviewed

Milan Broz gmazyland at gmail.com
Mon May 23 10:41:39 CEST 2016

On 05/20/2016 10:24 AM, Rafael Fontenelle wrote:
> Hello there!
> I'm currently translating cryptsetup to Brazilian Portuguese and
> notice a small detail in two strings that maybe you want to take a
> look at.
> First is "Cannot open device %s\n", in file
> src/cryptsetup_reencrypt.c, line 154.  I believe a full stop/period
> punctuation would be welcome in there, since other messages nearby
> have it. Please take a look in the catalog messsages file (a.k.a
> translation file).


yes, it should be the same as other messages (despite punctuation
could be confusing as already mentioned).
Anyway, messages should not alternate according to random context.

I'll fix it, but it is not worth to submit translation file for 1.7.2 again
(the proper string is already there).

> Second is "Cannot use passed UUID unless decryption in progress.\n",
> in file src/cryptsetup_reencrypt.c, line 1180.  My interpretation of
> it is that decryption must not be in progress to be allowed passing
> UUID.  If I'm correct, then I suggestion adding a "is" in
> "..decryption IS in progress".

Quite terse error message, missed that :) It should be more like
  "Provided UUID can be used only when resuming decryption."

Man page description is

--uuid <uuid>
  Use only while resuming an interrupted decryption process (see --decrypt). 

Will fix this in next version, that message is very rare...


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