[dm-crypt] Detached headers, multiple drives and UUIDs

Diagon saout.boxy at xoxy.net
Tue Apr 11 06:02:13 CEST 2017

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 > Hello all, 
 > I have a question regarding the deported headers in LUKS, and how it can be used to simplify the setup of RAID over LUKS: 
 > The current way to automatically unlock all the drives used in a Raid array seems to be to add the same key to all the drives in the array. 

I use detached headers for a RAID array, but I don't need to use the same key.  All that's necessary is to use the same _password_.  Then, I use "keyscript=decrypt_keyctl".  See here:

 > However that doesn't work with detached headers for obvious reasons. The detached headers can apparently be used on any number of devices/files at the same time, with one problem: they all have the same UUID. I tried using the --uuid flag with luksOpen without success. 
 > Does anyone know a way to achieve this? 
 > Thanks, 
 > Theo. 

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