[dm-crypt] Failure to encrypt a big disk - missing kernel module?

Carlos E. R. robin.listas at telefonica.net
Fri Apr 14 16:10:51 CEST 2017


I'm new in this mail list, but I have been using encrypted disks on Linux for many years.

But this time I get when trying to initalize a 4TB partition (on openSUSE Leap 42.2):

Isengard:~ # time cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/sdc2

This will overwrite data on /dev/sdc2 irrevocably.

Are you sure? (Type uppercase yes): YES
Enter passphrase:
Verify passphrase:
Failed to setup dm-crypt key mapping for device /dev/sdc2.
Check that kernel supports aes-xts-plain64 cipher (check syslog for more info).

real	0m39.182s
user	0m0.006s
sys	0m0.016s
Isengard:~ # file -s /dev/sdc2
/dev/sdc2: SGI XFS filesystem data (blksz 4096, inosz 256, v2 dirs)
Isengard:~ # zgrep CONFIG_CRYPTO_XTS /proc/config.gz
Isengard:~ #

I don't know if the kernel supports aes-xts-plain64 cipher.

Syslog says:

<10.6> 2017-04-14T14:00:03.319567+02:00 Isengard CRON 28100 - - pam_unix(crond:session): session closed for user root
<0.3> 2017-04-14T14:03:20.773777+02:00 Isengard kernel - - - [601377.447317] device-mapper: table: 254:2: crypt: Device lookup failed
<0.4> 2017-04-14T14:03:20.773809+02:00 Isengard kernel - - - [601377.447324] device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table

I don't know how to interpret that.

Telcontar:~ # cat /proc/crypto | grep xts
name         : xts(aes)
driver       : xts(aes-generic)
module       : xts
Telcontar:~ #

I don't see aes-xts-plain64 there.

Telcontar:~ # cryptsetup --help
Default compiled-in device cipher parameters:
	loop-AES: aes, Key 256 bits
	plain: aes-cbc-essiv:sha256, Key: 256 bits, Password hashing: ripemd160
	LUKS1: aes-xts-plain64, Key: 256 bits, LUKS header hashing: sha1, RNG: /dev/urandom
Telcontar:~ #

aes-xts-plain64 is required because the disk is big (4TB), I read on the FAQ.

What can I do?


 	Carlos E. R.
 	(from 42.2 x86_64 "Malachite" at Telcontar)

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